We Hear The Children

a non profit dedicated to Advocacy and Support of Children’s Causes related to adoption, diversity and education


“There are only two things I ever wanted to be in this life, a husband and a father. Now, imagine watching men run for the next county, when you tell them. To shorten a very long story, I decided to become a father as becoming a husband was proving much more difficult. I was beginning to think I had a better chance at pregnancy. So after a period of interviews and navigation through the complex legal and emotional process I got a call on the day before Thanksgiving 2004, telling me that there was a little boy who was two years old.

So begins the saga: In the initial visit with my son, I witnessed a child who was bright, smiled, yelled, stomped his feet and screamed. It was not that he could not talk, he would not talk. He had his own language, created in his mind to get his needs satisfied as a result of them not being met prior. I was told that he could only say 7 words, all in Spanish. I went to a corner on this initial visit and sat there with a book and a stuffed bear and waited. Ever so slowly, he approached me, would touch me and run away and giggle. Eventually, he sat in my lap and looked at me for a while, with his social worker, the foster mother and my adoption worker looking on he put his hand on my face and said “daddy”. This was not one of the words that he knew and it was not in Spanish……so it began.  “The Intentional Father-Adventures in Adoptive Single Parenting.

After a while, I started to tell Benjamin an evolving story that became the book "The Greatest Wish", if you ask Benjamin who he is he will tell you his name.....if you ask him what he is...he proudly states, “I am Daddy's greatest wish".  The evolution continued into our quest for “The Wildest Dream” and his brother Bryce arrived. 

I chronicled my adventures, counseled many adoptive families and continued my own personal journey as the Poet, waiting for the Painter to finish the love story my children and I were living (The Poet and the Painter- A Living Love Story).  When circumstances far beyond control led our family to a new place in life, the foundation was created.  This foundation has been my goal since I started down the road toward adoptive parenting to support those who do and children’s causes.

Brian J Tessier


We Hear The Children was established to support the wishes of children as identified by those who work with children.

We are a private foundation incorporated in the State of Maine.

The foundation is funded solely from 50% of the net proceeds from each book authored by Brian J Tessier, The Founder of We Hear The Children.

How it all began....